Pneumatic pump for hydraulic torque wrenches, robust and silent air motor 3 Kw

Suitable to be used with all the hydraulic torque wrenches existing in the market

Itemcode Type of motor Suitable for Working pressure Dimensions (wheels incl.)
bar cm (WxDxH)
BI-HTW-AIR air 3,0 Kw Torque wrenches 700 31x53x56



Air cons. Oil flow LP Oil flow HP Gauge diam. Reservoir size Usable oil Weight Type of motor
Nl/min lt/min lt/min mm lt lt Kg
3800 10,5 1,0 100 ** 10 8 28




All dimensions may be subject to change without prior notification by the manufacturer. Special customizations upon request.
** Gauge itemcode: BI-PG1000-100-R, radial connection.
Standard Manifold: 2 ways (included).
Optional: Special Manifold 8 ways.

70481196-5_Pneumatic unit BI-HTW-AIR_b


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