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Our Treatments

Our impact sockets are made of 39NiCrMo3 steel.
Special materials can be used on request

After mechanical machining, the modeling of the hexagons is carried out by inverse molding and cold extrusion on 350 tons press. The production phase is immediately followed by treatments at contractors carefully selected by our Technical Office and regularly evaluated. Below our main treatments:


By heat treatment we mean the heating cycle carried out in predetermined conditions and temperatures to which cooling, more or less slow, must take place, with the aim of making the steel assume the crystalline structures which give it certain mechanical characteristics.


The tempering is a heat treatment of a metal carried out in order to reduce the negative effects of tempering on the material, in case this presents excessive hardness and therefore fragility.
So after a hardening follows a tempering
During tempering, it is heated to a temperature sufficient to restore the diffusivity of an element present in less quantity in the metal, so that this element can be separated from the matrix in a finely dispersed form.


The black oxide finishing (also called “black coating”) is the superficial coloring of a metal practiced with various methods and having the purpose of providing protection against oxidation as well as improving appearance.
Blackiron uses only black color for its bluing.