Blackiron italian manufacturer of impact sockets, power units for torque wrenches, special bolt tensioners, hexagonal reducers, bolting accessories About us - BlackIron

About us

BLACKIRON is an Italian brand, designed to answer to bolting and tightening operations issues. In fact, BLACKIRON manufactures any adapter to be placed between the tool and the bolt. BLACKIRON is focused on the production of Impact Socket and related accessories (standard and custom made). However, our main strenght is to make special products upon request & upon drawing. BLACKIRON technical department supports the customer in every step, from engineering and designing to production, post-production and technical support. Our workshop consists of high-quality CNC machines, that produce resistant and high-performance products in compliance with all the existing Quality Standards. We use only high alloy steels of European origin.Every steel bar is certified singularly. The production process includes mechanical processing by steel moulding and especially hydraulic press estrusion. This procedure ensures greater precision and fatigue resistance. BLACKIRON is proud to be a 100% made in Italy product. Italian production is still renowned for its quality and, in a global market moreover aggressive, remains the only point that creates real benefits for the customer and some advantages against competitors.


All our Impact Sockets are manufactured in compliance with the International Standards and, in particular, with UNI-ISO 1174 & DIN 3121 standards.